St Edmundsbury Cathedral


St Edmundsbury Cathedral offers a wealth of interesting architecture, stained glass, needlework and other treasures.

You will find links with the Magna Carta, Santiago de Compostela and the United States of America.

In 2005 the Millennium Tower was built.

Also visit the Abbey gardens.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral

For over 1,000 years the site of Suffolk 's Cathedral has been one of worship and pilgrimage.

The death of Edmund, King of the East Angles, at the hands of the Danes in 869 led to the building of an abbey to house his remains. St James Church was built within the precincts of the Abbey, becoming a Cathedral in 1914.

Millennium Tower

In 2005 the skyline of Bury St Edmunds changed with the completion of a magnificent 150 ft (45m) Gothic lantern tower.

Five years in construction, the Millennium Tower and other works (the North Transept, the Chapel of the Apostles, a crypt chapel and East Cloisters) have been built, employing traditional materials and methods.