Fishing Lodge Holidays Suffolk & Fishin Cabin Holidays Suffolk

Fishing Lodge Holidays Suffolk

Anglers who enjoy recreational fishing for leisure and fun will enjoy our fishing lodges and holidays in Suffolk our lakes which are stocked with Carp, Tench, Rudd and Roach also have some of the best views in Suffolk. The water is open all year round so book your fishing cabin holidays Suffolk now!.

Fishing holiday lodges and fishing cabin holidays Suffolk

Our lakes are spring fed we largely leave them alone other than the occasional maintenance just as nature intends, with minimal human intervention.

We have a wide range of fish stock some of which includes tench, perch, rudd, roach and carp. These have been known to be up to 20lb in weight, we feed the fish from spring to autumn. Fishing Cabin holidays in Suffolk have never been as nice as this and we are always trying to provide excellent services so your fishing trips are enjoyable and relaxing. You can rest easy knowing that apart from leisure fishing and the occasional addition of new stock we leave the fish to enjoy their natural habitat. We are not a professional fishery or a day fishery, but as part of our facilities we offer free fishing to residents who want to fish for leisure and fun. This means that when you have a fishing cabin holiday in Suffolk the banks are never overpopulated and many guests return year after year because they enjoy not just the peace and quiet but also the variety of fish we offer. Because we leave our fish to be as natural as possible this means that our fishing lodge holidays provide a good challenge to fishermen. You can fish near your fishing lodge or fishing cabin so you are never too far from the hot tub or that bottle of cold beer waiting in your fishing lodge fridge!