Fishing At Badwell Ash

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges is set in approximately 5 acres of woodland, gardens and lakes. The 3 lakes, originally sand and gravel quarries which were later flooded by natural springs, were run as a day ticket fishery in the 1990's and many of the today's fish have their origins from those times. The lakes were deepened and landscaped in August 2006 when the holiday lodges were built and the site opened as it is today. The lakes do appear considerably older, having been planted abundantly with reeds, wild flowers, shrubs and trees which have thrived.

Our lakes are spring-fed and apart from necessary routine maintenance, we deliberately leave the lakes largely as nature intends, with minimal human intervention. The bank sides are maintained such that they balance the needs of humans and wildlife! We aim to keep them tidy and well-maintained, but not manicured, allowing the reeds, grasses and plants to grow naturally and the wildlife to nest and burrow, whilst at the same time ensuring there are enough clear spots for fishing and good views across the water.

Map of Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges with Fishing Lakes

We have 3 lakes; Main Lake (the largest at approximately 0.6 acre and up to 20 feet deep in places), Kingfisher Lake (0.5 acres and up to 12 feet deep) and Mill Lake (the smallest but still 6 feet deep and ideal for beginners).The lakes were netted in 2015 and 2018 and have a healthy stock of tench, roach, rudd, perch, bream and carp, all of which are in prime condition. The carp in Main Lake range from 5lbs upwards, with many doubles, and several twenty pounders. The lake record is approximately 28lbs. We plan to net the lakes again in winter 2020/21 and if necessary remove surplus small silver fish and restock with large carp, tench and bream. There are no pike or catfish, at least to our knowledge!

Photo of Man Holding Caught Fish at Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges

We are not a commercial fishery or day ticket water; we do not organise matches or competitive fishing, but as part of our facilities we offer free fishing to residents who want to fish for leisure and fun. We do not overstock the lake because we believe in maintaining our lakes and grounds in as natural state as possible, and we want a healthy balance of healthy non-stressed fish and other fauna and flora such as dragonflies, kingfishers, bats, water voles, reed buntings and even the occasional heron. Therefore, our guests should not expect to "bag up" with hundreds of pounds of fish, and neither should our guests expect to catch twenty pound carp on every visit. You have to work hard for you fish at Badwell Ash! Nevertheless, our fishing guests do return year after year because they enjoy the peace and quiet, the natural surroundings, the extensive nature, and the variety of fish we offer. And if you get your tactics right and the fish are willing, a bag full of bream, an elusive 5lb tench or a very large carp will be caught!

As we offer free fishing to our guests only,this means the banks are never over-populated and our guests can truly enjoy the peace and tranquility for which Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges has become known. Guests can fish at their lodge-side so are never too far from the hot tub or a cold beer in the fridge! We offer fishing all year round, day and night, and guests usually have a wide choice of swims around the lake (please note that in these uncertain times we are asking guests to fish closer to their lodges).

Our timber fishing lodges offer the ultimate location for a relaxing recreational fishing holiday.

September 2020 update: please note that Kingfisher Lake and Mill Pond have currently some duckweed on the surface. Whilst unsightly it is perfectly natural and we are working hard to clear it as soon as possible using natural (non-chemical) methods. For the time being we are advising guests to fish in Main Lake, and guests should rest assured that all four lodges have ample swims allocated to them on Main Lake.

Fishing Rules at Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges

We are committed to giving all our guests an enjoyable fishing experience, which means looking after our lakes, the surrounding environment and of course our beloved fish. Our rules have been set to safeguard our fish and their habitat, do please read them carefully before you fish. Not observing the rules may result in us having to ask you to stop fishing, and we really really don’t want to do that.

  • Please ensure you have a Rod Licence and be ready to produce this if asked. You can purchase a licence online, or by visiting our local Post Office in Badwell Ash village. 
  • Two rods maximum per person, and don’t leave your rods unattended
  • Recommended main line of minimum 6lb breaking strain and 12lb maximum 
  • Barbless hooks must be used, and no braided main lines please (braided hook links are ok)
  • No keep nets, and guests must use the fishery-supplied landing nets and unhooking mats to preserve our bio-security
  • Night fishing is permitted, but please no audible bite alarms after 7pm or before 9am 
  • To prevent damage to fish no fishing from the lodge verandas 
  • Ground bait and floating baits to be used in moderation, and no bait boats or drones
  • Banned baits: trout pellets, tiger nuts, peanuts, blood worm, and joker 
  • Anglers are asked to take great care not to entangle waterfowl and their young
  • Please use antiseptic fish gel if you catch an injured fish, we have a small stock at Reception if needed cost £5
  • All fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible after capture
  • By all mean take photos (please send them to us at!) but hold fish when kneeling down and always above an unhooking mat
  • And finally, it goes without saying but the lakes are deep and cold so no swimming or wading!

Local Fishing Suppliers:

  • Tackle Up - 49a St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1SP. Tel: 01284 755022
  • Diss Angling Centre - 22a Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4HW. Tel: 01379 640430

Woman Holding Out Caught Fish

Spot-checks may occasionally be carried out as, unfortunately, a small minority of guests sometimes ignore our guidelines. Please do not be offended by this – it is done purely to protect our fish stock.

Finally, please do send us your catch reports and photographs of any notable catches so we can put these on our website!

Revised September 2020

If you have any questions regarding fishing at the lake, then please feel free to contact us below

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