Awesome Autumn colours

Posted 01/11/2020 : By: Will & Sarah Draper

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges looks absolutely awesome in its Autumn colours. We thought it was pretty nice here in the summer, but we have been taken aback by the vast range of colours that the new season has brought. Sadly we are going to have to close the site due to the new lockdown, which means our guests won’t be able to see the amazing trees. So we have taken pictures and attached them here for you to feast your eyes on. For the tree lovers out there, here is a list of the trees we have on site: oak, silver birch, beech, hazel, alder, weeping willow, white willow, dogwood willow (green and red), twisted willow, maple, sycamore, walnut, horse chestnut, sweet chestnut, apple, pear, plum and damson.