Going Green!

Posted 23/11/2022 : By: Will & Sarah Draper

Solar Panels at Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges

The world’s leaders may not have been able to agree much at the COP27 Summit, but at least we’ve been doing our bit for the environment here at Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges.

We are proud to say we have now installed solar panels on our lodges, along with battery storage, with the help of our friends at Fresh Electrical Solar. The system will allow us to generate electricity during daylight hours. This will power the lodges and hot tubs by day, with surplus electricity stored in the batteries for use overnight. 

It’s a fairly heavy duty system that - whilst expensive to install - should cut our energy usage by at least 50%. Helpful, in these days of high costs, but more importantly it makes us feel good to be helping cut our reliance on fossil fuels. And for our guests, you can relax that little bit more in your hot tub whilst soaking up the nature all around you.

Now all we need is for all this rain to stop and the sun to come out…