Welcome to our Crucians!

Posted 14/01/2023 : By: Will & Sarah Draper

Welcome to our Crucians!

We thought you would like to know that we have now added a stock of Crucian Carp to the lakes at Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges. Non fishers are probably asking “so what?” right now, but we hope our angling guests will be quietly nodding their approval. 

Crucian carp (latin name carassius carassius) are much sought-after and notoriously tricky to catch. They tend to hide under cover of over-hanging banks, trees, bushes, reeds or similar, and dart out to grab food. They will often give themselves away with a series of bubbles as they feed off the bottom. However, they spook easily, and so a quiet approach with light tackle is best. A float fished with a small-ish bait around the marginal vegetation is ideal. 

Crucians are smaller than other types of carp, but - in the eyes of the discerning – much more beautiful. They are fully scaled like common carp, but with a striking bronze colour, and are deeper in body. They have a large dorsal fin, and unlike other carp, no barbels. Their pectoral fins can be bronze or sometimes orange.

We have added 150 Crucians from 7 inches up and we look forward to them settling in to our lakes, growing on, and bringing happiness to our anglers! And just to note: these are pure crucian carp and not F1s (a cross between crucian and common carp)!